Sunday, June 24, 2007


What started out as a small bronze plaque grew into memorial site in a secluded and serene location.

Bud Mohrman was Alan “Buzz” Andersons employer at Tape Inc for 18 years, fellow diver and most of all, close friend. So when Buzz died last year while trying to save the lives of two kids that were stranded on top of a car in a flood on Pitts Road, Bud knew he had to do something to memorialize his friend.

“Ever since his death I knew that something had to be done in his memory, but I was clueless until I met up with Calvin Woods. Calvin was the missing piece of a big puzzle and I would like to thank him for much of the engineering and input that helped make this project come together. Without him it would not look like what you see here. A year ago today Buzz entered the water with the thought of saving the lives of two others; he always gave 100% of any task asked of him. Unfortunately we did not plan for the unexpected and he lost his life doing what he loved to do, trying to help the lives of others in need.”

Mohrman said that the memorial was erected to help us remember Buzz at his best and also to remember the sacrifice he made. “The best we can hope this memorial stands for is just how dangerous things can be when the river rises above its banks. Hopefully this will inspire people to stop and think before crossing the high water.”
Mohrman added that this project has offered some closure for himself and Buzz’s friends who worked on it.

Calvin Wood read the following poem to honor his friend.
Not "How did he die"? But "How did he live?"
Not "What did he gain?" But "What did he give?"
These are the units to measure the worth Of a man as a man, regardless of birth.
Not "What was his station?" But "Had he a heart?"
And "How did he play his God-given part?"
Was he ever ready with a word or good cheer,
To bring back a smile, to banish a tear?
Not "What was his church? Nor "What was his creed?"
But "Had he befriended those really in need?"
Not "What did the piece in the newspaper say?"
But "How many were sorry when he passed away?"
Close friend and fellow diver Ken Farnsworth read the “Divers Prayer”

When I'm called to duty God,To dive beneath the waves,
To search for an unfortunate soul,Whose body thy have claimed,
Let swiftness be my virtue,To find that soul in time,
Please let this be a rescue Lord,And not the "other kind".
Be my eyes in the darkest lake,And guide me with your hand,
That this person be saved,When we return to land.
If this is not your will, Oh Lord,Then please show me the way,
To sort out this mystery,And dive another day.
If things become their darkest Lord,And its me that you call home,
Please guide my friend’s and family,
That they'll never walk alone.
Buzz’s mother Cathy Anderson finished with a few heartfelt and poignant words for those who had gathered to pay respects and to honor her son.

It was one year ago today that our son lost his life while trying to save two children who made a mistake. Buzz always said, life is based on decisions and if you make a decision you should follow it through. That day, my son did just that. He made the decision to go into the water to save the children that were crying out for help. Also that day the Lord made a decision, the Lord made the decision to call my son home. The Lord did not call my son home out of cruelty or any such thing. I believe the Lord called my son home to use him as a tool. A tool, to teach others not to disobey signs. A tool, to teach the Fire Department and the Dive Team new and better methods to maybe help others who may find themselves in the same situation.
Let’s all learn from this and keep our son in our hearts and all move on. On behalf of my husband and myself and our family, thank you, thank you from the bottom of our hearts, one and all. We’ll never be able to repay you.

To see more photos from the memorial dedication: CLICK HERE
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