Monday, September 11, 2006


Julie Anderson, Buzz's wife, was first contacted by Steve hall about the benefit states that she was grateful and amazed. Anderson said as time went on and the event started to grow bigger she was even more amazed by the support and offerings from the people around the community.

TMC: Was there any hesitation in the beginning?
Julie: No. No. A little nervous the closer it got, but no hesitation. I just didn’t know how I would handle it all because it is a celebration, but never any hesitation.
TMC: Is there anything that you want to say to all of the people who have come together to put on this event?
Julie: Yes, I have thought about this and thought about this and just saying thank you doesn’t seem like enough. But you just can’t find the words that you want to express how grateful you are.
TMC: Tell us a little about your husband’s character that was able to spark all this.
Julie: He was very outgoing, like gatherings, loved car shows, he would have loved this. That was probably one of the reasons I didn’t have any hesitations, because this is a party he would have gone to.
TMC: Probably a type that he would help coordinate.
Julie: Yes, absolutely. He was such a caring man.
TMC: You seem to have a large family, how much support have they been through all of this?
Julie: I wouldn’t be standing here without all of them. Some days you lean harder then others. They have all been such a big help.
TMC: And the Wellington Fire family?
Julie: Yes, they have been absolutely wonderful. They have supported us unbelievably and we support them also whole heartedly. The have also suffered a great loss like we did. I would also like to say that with tomorrow being September 11th, there are a lot pf people to be remembered today.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

very classy lady, i think it is wonderful that she mentioned the victims of 9-11 to be remembered. i am not sure that in her shoes with having lost my own husband that i would be been able to think to mention the 9-11 victims. good bless you mrs anderson

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