Monday, September 11, 2006


Josh Riggs, Buzz Andersons Nephew
Josh Riggs is the 22 year old nephew of Allan “Buzz” Anderson. Josh lives in Columbus and has completed his fire science degree and has one year left in paramedic school.

TMC: How long have you wanted to be a firefighter?
Josh: I have been thinking about it ever since Allan Anderson Sr. was a volunteer up here in Wellington, so quite a while.
TMC: Has the incident with your uncle given you any pause…
Josh: (Answering quickly) None whatsoever. If anything it has given me more motivation seeing how much the fire department has come together as a family. It’s brought the entire town together and has made us much closer. It’s been an experience that, with under these circumstances, you couldn’t ask for anything more.
TMC: During the opening ceremony your family was all wearing the black t-shirts standing on the stage, then off to the sides of the stage we saw the Wellington firefighters wearing the gray shirts, it looked like almost an extension of your family.
Josh: Definitely an extension of the family, it’s just an absolutely a huge brotherhood. The Wellington Fire District has been amazing to our family, they’re hurting just about as bad as we are but we are all pulling through together.
TMC: What has this event done for you and your family?
JOSH: It shows how much people care, how the town cares and it’s wonderful to see all these people turn out. I was overwhelmed by everything that was put on today as I was overwhelmed by the funeral service.
TMC: Is there anyone that you wanted to thank in closing?
Josh: For me personally, my family. We have all been picking each other up and doing the best we can. Next would be the fire department. They have been catching us every time we start to fall down. They just show us so much love and sympathy; they have just done so much for the family. Steve Hall, the gentlemen who put on this benefit. He has done such a great job. There have also been a ton of people who will just express their condolences; simple things like that really lift us up.

I know my uncle was a great man. He died doing what he loved to do and these people, by continuing to lift us up shows us that. They really do.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

best of luck to you josh and i am sure your uncle will be looking down to protect you and watch over you. you sound like a very nice young man

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