Saturday, August 26, 2006


Thousands of Lorain school kids and their parents headed downtown Lorain today for the 5th annual “Do The Right Thing” back to school event. The event provides a day of fun and free stuff for local school children getting them ready for the new school year.

Dean Schnurr, Director of Communications for Lorain City Schools, said that 5 years ago the Lorain Police Department, the Lorain City Schools and the Lorain Morning Journal got together to come up with away to recognize kids in the community who were “doing the right thing” and to create something that could bring the community together. The result of that get together: “Do The Right Thing”.
Schnurr said that the program goes year round and recognizes a child each month for doing the right thing. Kids chosen for the awards receive a $100.00 savings bond, a Do The Right Thing plaque and T-Shirt, a pass into all Lorain sporting events for one year, and gift certificates that have been donated by various businesses to the program. The event today, which kicks off this year’s Do The Right Thing and celebrates the program, Schnurr said, involves a total of 60 to 100 organizations supplying volunteers to help work the event. There are 32 groups that have booths at the event but volunteers come from many other groups to help make the day a success. Last year there were an estimated 3,000 kids through the event, this year looks to exceed that number easily.
When asked what this event means to the community Schnurr had this to say:
“It’s a great way for the community to come together, have a lot of fun, kick off the school year right and enjoy a lot of free food and fun”. Schnurr added, “because of the event kids who may not otherwise be able to afford certain school supplies are able to receive them for free here at the event”.

The event costs $12,000.00 to $15,000.00 to put on; all of that money comes from donations from local businesses.

TMC NEWS would like to commend the Lorain Police Department, the Lorain City Schools and the Lorain Morning Journal for coming up with such a phenomenal event for the community. These organizations truly have done The Right Thing! If you would also like to do the right thing by getting involved you may contact the Lorain City Schools at 440-233-2203 and ask for Dean Schnurr. We encourage you to look at the photos from this event, you will see what a success it is and you will want to “Do The Right Thing”.

Friday, August 25, 2006


Elyria High 34 Midview 20

So I traveled to Midview Friday night to shoot the game and the events surrounding a high school football game. My plan, for a couple reasons, was to get there early. One, I wanted a good parking spot. Two, I was going to see if I could sneak a TMC NEWS banner up on a fence. Well, I ended up covering a traffic crash in Sheffield Township around 6pm so that put me heading into the Midview area around 6:30 / 6:45. WOW, what a mistake. The traffic was backed up on Rt. 57 from Capel Rd to almost the Rt. 10 area. That is what you get though when two powerhouse teams come together on a Friday night. The stands were jammed packed and both teams put on a great show. John Chandler of NEWS CHANNEL 5 said that the game was much closer then the final score would indicate. Some estimate the crowd at 6,000, not sure about that number but you sure were putting too many more people in there.

To see all of the photos from the game CLICK HERE. Maybe we will be at your high school next week.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006



Sunday, September 10, 2006

NOON – 7pm

Lorain County Fair Grounds
(ALL proceeds go to the Allan Anderson Memorial Fund)

Car Show
Water Fights by local firefighters
Food (Big Dog Catering)
Entertainment by The Southern Star Band

Sponsored by:
Wellington Safety Service Departments
Harrison Ford – Wellington
The Southern Star Band

For more information call Steve Hall: 440-647-3614 or 800-686-3614

Sunday, August 20, 2006


That's right, hundreds of Lorain County Democrats took over Ely Square Sunday afternoon for a rally for this Novembers election. Now TMC NEWS doesn't really do political news but something kinda stood out today during the rally that we wanted to bring to you. Although amongst the hundreds of democrats were, what seemed to be, hundreds of politicians with their lil stickers and buttons, it appeared that the crowed was there to see one politician in particular: Sherrod Brown.
The rally started around 5pm with the high-energy music of Sonny DeLeon and his Orchestra. The music was interrupted around 6pm for 2 reasons one was that Sonny had another engagement to go to and there were a lot of politicians waiting to talk. So that is what happened for the next 30 to 45 minutes – politicians talking. Here is what you missed in a nutshell:

“Time for a change… Yadda Yadda Yadda… Who is ready for a change… Yadda Yadda Yadda… I want to bring change… Yadda Yadda Yadda… Do you have any spare change? Oh wait, that was someone at the corner that asked that.

Then the moment everyone was waiting for, the arrival of the bus, called “Turn Around Ohio”, carrying Sherrod Brown, Ted Strickland and Betty Sutton. Sherrod Brown was the first one off the bus and as soon as his foot hit the ground he was working the crowd. As he was shaking hands with the people standing right at the door of the bus he noticed a little 7 year old girl from Amherst off to his left holding a sign that said: “Kids For Brown”, he quickly made his way over to say hello and thank the little girl. From 7 to 70, they loved him in downtown Elyria today. As he approached the gazebo there were ropes and benches separating the stage from the crowd, Brown quickly hopped that barricade to shake hands and meet his people. With the media in toe it was like watching a rock star moving through a crowd. This is why it seemed like, at least for Sunday afternoon, Ely Park was: Brown’s Town!

To see photos from today’s rally: CLICK HERE.

Saturday, August 19, 2006


To view ALL photos from this event: CLICK HEREChildren and families from through Elyria converged on South Park – John A. Howard Recreation Center on West 16th Street today for Elyria Summer Blast ’06. The end of the summer / back to school event was free to the public and provided many events for kids of all ages. FREE school supplies were given out through out the day to kids along with free food and drinks. Some of the activities of the day include: Play Station II Tournaments, face painting, sidewalk art, jewelry making, swimming, basketball, music and dancing.

Elyria Summer Blast ’06 is sponsored by: The City of Elyria and The Elyria Youth Task Force. This event is a collaborative effort of the following local government agencies and private agencies: The City of Elyria, The Elyria City School District, Boys and Girls Club of Lorain County, Elyria Parks and Recreation, Save Our Children, The Elyria Police Department, The Elyria Fire Department, Neighborhood House Association and The Lorain County Urban League.
TMC NEWS applauds all the volunteers who participated to make this event a success. We proudly present photos from throughout the day.

Saturday, August 05, 2006


Pandy's Garden Center of Elyria is hosting the 5th annual watergarden "Pond Tour". With over 15 ponds to view all over Lorain county this can make for a fun and educational day for people who either have their own pond or are thinking about getting one. The best part of the tour is the fact that all of the proceeds benefit a phenomenal charity, The Make A Wish Foundation. We toured the pond of last years winner in Oberlin on East College Street. Ron & Pat Gresco said that today alone they have had about 30 couples visiting and expect tomorrow to be even busier. The Gresco's say that they love the Pond Tour and meeting all the nice people. "We see a lot of people who are thinking about building their own pond and want to make notes and take pictures." The Gresco's were about ready to take off themselves to go visit the other ponds on the tour, just in case they want to expand. For more information on the pond tour or to get in on the 6th annual visit or visit their site to make a donation to the Make A Wish Foundation.
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